Hospitality Leadership Certified (HLC)

Beamable's experts identified through research in the hospitality industry a clear need for leadership development from supervisory to mid-management level. Many executive leadership development programs exist for top management. But often lower levels have no access to such education. Yet, a supervisory position is the entry level for management and very much involved with daily operations. Those positions require people equipped with skills needed to lead critical teams such as housekeeping and front office.
Therefore Beamable and its team of experts have developed a professional certificate designed for hospitality supervisors and mid-managers and delivered exclusively online through Beamable's Moodle platform.
This online certificate is inspired from the research and work of leading organizations experts in their disciplines such as Center for Creative Leadership, Isbell Hospitality Ethics and Richard Lewis Communications.

Beamable's HLC is the only of its kind for service providers delivered online using Mind Mapping making it interactive and fun to follow.

Who should enroll?:

This certification is open to everyone who would like to be equipped with leadership essential tools for managing small teams. Eventhough it is designed for hospitality professionals, this certification is useful for any service provider professionals.

Why should I enroll?

How can I inspire my team? How can I communicate the vision of my company to my team members? How can I give effecive feedback? How can I take the best ethical decision? How can I lead a multi cultural team?How can I get the whole picture to take the smartest decision? How can I be creative, innovative?

If you ever asked yourself one of those questions, then this program is for you.

Content Outline:

The main topics are: Understanding self, understanding others, leading self, leading others, ethics and cross-cultural intelligence.


The HLC is delivered online in English over 12 weeks of study 3 times a year. The next program start next April 8th 2013 and will end in June 24th 2013. A certificate of completion is issued at the end of the program for the participants who qualify.

The number of participants is intentionally limited to 12 in order to offer the best indivudual coaching experience.

How much does it costs?

Beamable's 12 weeks certifciate progam only costs a plain
900 € per participant. Only 75 € per week for an exceptional leadership develomental program coached personally by our expert Olivier Herlin.


Olivier Herlin is at your service for all the questions you may have:

Mind Mapping ®

Mind Mapping is a radiant thinking tool that is nowadays used by more than 250 millions users worldwide. Most use "Proto Mind Maps". At BeamAble we train using the original Mind Mapping concept developed by its inventor Tony Buzan. Learning how to mind map using the golden original rules will enable you to litterally unlock your creative potential. Together with BeamAble, you can learn how to adapt this great generative thinking tool to your specific needs and tasks in hospitality settings.

The main benefit of Mind Mapping is to develop connections and associations using the full potential of your brain. It will help you see the invisible, or the idea nobody thought. Because the more you will mind map, the more you will visualise the whole picture. It will develop tremendously your "insight" capacity. Mind mappers also think from different angles increasing by tenfold their creativity potential by thinking out of the box.
Mind Mapping benefits are infinite, limited only by our imagination.

We also qualify to train Mind Mapping on computers using the only software of its kind designed to use the original rules for optimal creativity generation. iMind Map6 will contribute in improving the way you conduct business and help you gaining valuable time to commit fully to innovation by embracing change. 2011-2013 - All Rights Reserved
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Programs Overview

Beamable provides an open enrolment online certificate program and face to face tailored made courses as well as professional trainings in the disciplines of Leadership Development and Mind Mapping.  We specialise in the service industry with an emphasis on hospitality. These programs are designed to equip future and current professionals with tools and skills in order to lead themselves and others with increased insight.  

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