What We Do

BeamAble has set its mission to teach students and train adults in Leadership Development and Mind Mapping  leading to higher performance, insight and happiness at work.

We share our expertise with Higher Education organizations and Professional Training Centers.
Beamable.org has developed a  Leadership Certification  which is the only one of its kind delivered with Mind Mapping through eLearning, making it available worldwide.   

What Others Say

"I would like to thank you for your support and interest during the entire year. You've always been of good advice and constructive with us. I did learn a lot of you, and still am! "
S-J L May 2012

"Thanks for the video!!!!
Thank you also for your lessons, it was really interesting and useful for us! "
JN April 2012

Who are our customers?

Beamable.org is very proud that its expertise is being asked by the following leading educational organizations: 

-Vatel Brussels Vatel Brussels International Business School Hotel and Tourism Management
- International School of Protocol and Diplomacy (ISPD) Brussels
- Cours Melius, Brussels
- IFAPME, Huy, Belgium
- Epicuris, Huy, Belgium
- United International Business School (UIBS), Brussels-Antwerp

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Welcome to Beamable.org

Founded in 2011, Beamable.org is a non-profit organization based in Brussels and operating from the heart of the European District.

Beamable.org is dedicated to "Leadership Development", "Ethic", "Cross-Cultural Awareness" and "Mind Mapping" education and professional trainings adapted for the Service and Hospitality Industry.

bdb House
16, Rue de Pascale
1040 Brussels


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