What is Beamable.org ?

Beamable.org is an educational non profit organization based in Brussels and operating in the heart of the European District, dedicated to "Leadership Development" "Ethic Education", "Cross Cultural Awareness" and "Mind Mapping" for the Service & Hospitality Industry.

In collaboration with world leading organizations such as Center for Creative Leadership and ThinkBuzan, Beamable.org has set it's mission to teach students and train adults in those essential skills leading to higher performance, insight and happiness at work.

At Beamable, "We Walk the Talk". The famous quote of Mahatma Gandhi "Be the Change You Want in this World" is our credo.

Among our clients are VATEL International Hotel Management Business School, the International School of Protocol & Diplomacy (ISPD), IFAPME and EPICURIS.

Beamable.org has developed a professional certification in Leadership Development designed for hospitality supervisors and
mid-managers. This certification called "Hospitality Leadership Certified" - HLC - is available online. It is the only one of its kind using Mind Mapping as a pedagogic method of delivery for better insight.

Beamable.org also organises onsite face-to-face regular seminars, workshops and professional trainings associated with "Leadership Development" "Ethic Education", "Cross Cultural Awareness" and "Mind Mapping".


We believe the world can be a better place for everyone by contributing through education and training in spreading the practice and development of collective leadership, ethic, creativity with Mind Mapping and mutual understanding through better inter-cultural communication.

We dream to help hospitality and service providers be better equipped with tools that will help them gain insight in order to engage, energize, inspire and mobilize associates for the benefits of all stakeholders.

Leadership development is about unlocking potential to have greater impact through collective action. We will facilitate building broader leadership capacity at all levels to enhance organizational effectiveness and success.


We are passionate about coaching people find their potential and unleash their creativity.

We want to share this passion together with all open minded service professionals. We understand we do not know everything especially in the art of leading. This is exactly what drives our energy and motivation. But through research and a collaborative approach with service providers, together we can explore new frontiers to contribute in shaping the future of the service industry.

We see effective leadership as a dynamic journey without a clear beginning, middle and end.

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